Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A's guest blog session

To: my mom's blog readers

This is A here, with my 1st issue of "annoying stuff that my mom does"

Oh my god does she ever stop knitting? All she ever does with her spare time is knit and kick me off of the computer to read knitting blogs. Even when I am practicing reading online (well, actually, It's reading comics on the internet. potato potahto). When I am at my kung fu class, I look behind me and, SURPRISE! She's knitting. And once, when she was knitting a pair of socks, she got bored and unraveled the whole thing into yarn balls! Knit knit knit, unravel. Knit knit knit, unravel. It is so annoying.

The only good thing about my mom knitting is that she cannot lecture me while she does it. She lectures me so often that now, in order to save time she just says something like "Treat sister nicely lecture". Which is nice, but it took at least 5 years of really boring, real lectures to get there. TOTALY worth it :). OMG my mom is coming! I gotta stop! Don't know when I'll post next, see ya!

He is a real sweetie pie isnt he? Look for more guest posts by my kids in the furure.



Blogger Fern said...

Hey, A
I think one way to improve your relationship with your mother would be for you to take up knitting. Lots of guys do it.

5:11 AM  

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