Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My new blog

Well...Here it is...My blog...Isn't it cute?

I am starting this project as a place to keep and share my ramblings about life, my knitting progress and more immediately as a place to post pictures about my trip to China next month.

Let me introduce myself...As if anyone is even going to read this!!!

Some facts about me:
  • I can't spell! I will do my best to remember to spell check, but I can't promise that things won't be miss spelled into his blog. It doesn't bother me, so it shouldn't bother you.
  • I am very new to this blog thing (and a bit of a technophobe) so it might take me awhile to learn the ropes when it comes to publishing a blog.
  • I am a total procrastinator supreme! So don't be surprised when there are long gaps with no posts whatsoever.
  • I love to knit! One of the things having a blog will let me do is get more involved without he "knitting blog community". I have been a serious lurker for months and months, but now I will be able to join in the knit-blog fun! I will be sharing pictures of thigs I am working on and probably entering a swap now and then. If yu think knitting is boring, you can feel free to skip those entries.
  • I have three great kids and will spend lots of time talking about them. A is 13, W is 10, and K is 5. School is about to start, so there will be lots to talk about.

I hope you enjoy my blog...I hope I enjoy my blog.


Blogger Betsy said...

Ok...I am giving myself a comment to test how this all works.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Fern said...

Pretty good!
You didn't even give me time to tell you how to do it!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Fern said...

I need your recipe for teriyaki sauce. Why don't you publish it here?!
That way I won't have to write it down. I can just keep it here on your blog!

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

Pretty amazing, as a technophobe you've just outdone me! F and I just got here at the Cape. Miss you guys --but look foward to using the blog.

8:22 PM  

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