Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our summer renovation project

This summer we decided to re-do the Kitchen-Familyroom floor. OMG what a task it was! We had a great time doing it thanks to the help of the "Tile Goddess" and her husband.

We did the tear-out, with the whole family pitching in, in mid July. Then Sherry and I went to work laying the tile while Craig was in China on business. Working part time, and with several late night tile cutting sessions, we got it ALMOST finished by the end of three weeks.
When Craig got back from China he helped seal the grout.
Now all that remains is the little transition strips in the doorways, which should get done in September.
Dang...why does construction always take so LONG!!
It was a lot of work, but totally worth all the effort!

Check out my Flickr page to see more pictures.
(I will be adding a few more pics later including the all important AFTER shots so you can see how great it looks now!)

Later this fall we will be completing the kitchen make-over with painting the cabinets and maybe even tiling the counters!


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