Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The first day of school

Well, here we are...Its 8:00 and W and A are already at school!

This neighborhood is particularly nice for W...We have 5 sixth grade girls within a 1 block radius of our house!!! They made quite a parade on the way to the bus stop at 7:15 this morning. One other mom and I were the only ones who came to the bus stop...We didn't need to, but our girls kind of wanted us to. Tomorrow they do it on their own. (sniff...sniff...My baby's all grown up!!!)

Later today the real sniff sniff moment will be when K hops aboard the kindergarten bus with out much more than a smile and a wave.

**Posted later**

K waiting for the bus on our front porch.

K's first bus ride to school!

Mrs.R's class...and a few of K's new friends.

As expected, she had no problem getting off to school on the first day.
So far Kindergarten has been a great experience all around. K has made several new friends...her favorite part of the day is recess...and I get to volunteer in her class every Friday!



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