Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Halloween Report

Halloween was a blast as usual.

Pumpkins were carved.

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Power tools were used...No fingers were lost.

Our great friends had a super fun "Zombie Beach" themed party on Saturday, inspired by this classic movie.

It is so much easier to get creative with costumes when you have a theme to work with!!
We had done the zombie thing last year and wanted a new look this time.

C is the lifeguard from the movie, I am a beach towel, K is a sand castle, and A and W went as each other!

Halloween night was also a great success. The kids went to a party at Kung-fu in the afternoon and then got butt loads of candy Trick-or-Treating here in the neighborhood. Alex and his buddies stayed out untill they had visited EVERY house in our neighborhood. The girls each collected a one gallon ziplock bag FULL of candy...Alex almost doubled their haul!! There is now an obecene amount of candy in this house.

The kids are anxiously looking forward to Saturday afternoon when they get their annual "1-hour of all the candy you can eat" Halloween candy pig out. Should be fun!



Anonymous Daddio said...

The way you guys were dressed, you deserved garbage belly.

8:05 PM  

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