Friday, November 03, 2006

My knitting failures

Well, it turns out that making knitted garments that actually FIT the intended recipient is much harder than it looks. Especially if you are an ADD knitter who hates to swatch!

When making a knitted garment you must be able to measure.
You need to measure the part of the person you are trying to cover with knitted goodness.

You need to measure a swatch (assuming you take the time to make one).
This is a problem for me on two fronts. I always want to jump right to the making the project part of the fun...swatching and counting take time and I want to start my project now!! And, I have never figured out how to REALLY count my gauge. I understand the theory and all, but in reality, its pretty easy to fudge a stitch or two in either direction depending on how much you stretch or smoosh the fabric of the swatch.

You also periodically need to take measurements of the knitted object in progress...And wait until you reach the desired length before you decide to move ahead to the "fun" parts. Close enough will not work! You will end up with a beautiful knitted tank top that just isn't going to fit anybody! It will be way to boxy and too short all at the same time. Trust me, I know what I am talking about.

Scarves and afghans are EASY...They don't have to fit anybody. Sweaters and socks are much harder. I have several pairs of sock that began life for W and got immediately handed down to K to prove it.

I am currently working on a sweater that, despite my falure to measure, seems like it might still work out. It will be nothing like what I was trying to make, but I think it will be lovely none the less. I am starting the sleeves today, and will try to post some pictures when Blogger decides to let me upload them.



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