Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My new laptop...oh yeah, I have a blog!

Hi all,

Long time no post.

Yeah, it turns out that I am not the best when it comes to getting around to sitting down and actually writing a post. And even when I did write a post, I was often quite hesitant to make it "real" by hitting publish. For a while I even thought about taking down the blog. The "not blogging guilt" was just one more thing draining my energy. But I have decided to cut myself some slack. I do not need to post pictures every time I put up a post. And it is not necessity for every post to be meaningful or entertaining in some way. Some times I can just ramble on about nothing if that is what I feel like doing.

We just got a new laptop for our big trip to China this summer. The plan is that we will be ble to use the highspeen internet in the appartment to kep in tough with folks while we are away.

One of the ideas is that I will keep a blog and post lots of picture and such so you al can see what we are up to. So I am practicing before we leave... please bear with me as I find my blogging legs. I am hopeful that having a new fun toy will help make blogging more fun and easy, but I am not making any promises!!

I am taking the first step right now by hitting "publish".


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